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Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800v2 8-channel Active Instrument Direct Box

Born out of necessity in studios such as Motown and United Sound Systems to accommodate the electric instruments emerging in the 1960s, direct boxes (also known as DIs, which stands for “Direct Inject”) began as a way to resolve a basic impedance mismatch between electrodynamic guitar pickups and sensitive studio electronics. Although many modern DIs are far more sophisticated than the original models, even now, the primary function of DI boxes is to take an unbalanced, high-impedance signal and convert it to a balanced, low-impedance signal. This allows you to run guitar and bass directly into microphone preamplifiers or to send signal over extended cable runs without losing volume and significant high-frequency information.
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Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800v2 8-channel Active Instrument Direct Box

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The Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800 v2 Active Phantom Powered 8-channel DI Box is a rackmount DI with sufficient inputs to accommodate everyone onstage or in the studio. Direct Injection (DI) boxes, of course, let you plug guitars, basses, keyboards, etc. directly into your board. For impedance matching and signal integrity, they're indispensable. The DI800 v2 is a DI on steroids. With its active circuitry, it sports buffered inputs that won't pollute your signal (as passive DIs can). Boasting a bevy of boost/attenuation, groundlift, and connectivity options, Behringer's Ultra-DI Pro DI800 v2 is your audio Swiss Army Knife.
Can you run your instruments directly into the Behringer X32 Rack aux ins? Yes you can but just so you know, if you have any issues with hums or ground loop issues, you will have no way of removing them if it is being caused by running directly into the X32. Many members in our community use the DI800v2 including myself. You can pickup a DI with a single I/O if that is all you need, but you should always follow the manufactures recommendations and I can assure you, Behringer recommends using some sort of DI when connecting to the X32 Rack or any of the X32 mixers.
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